Strike Pay

CUPE 3903 Members: all about Strike Pay

Strike Pay FAQ

Q. How do I get strike pay?
A. 1. Make sure you are signed up for strike duty, which includes:
i) picketing
ii) alternate duties
iii) coordinating strike duties
2. Sign-in and out of strike duties with a picket captain (at a picketing location) or at
the strike head quarters.

Q. Who is eligible for strike pay?
A. You are eligible for strike pay if you have a current contract with the university and have withdrawn your labour during the strike.

Q. How much is strike pay?
A. Members will be paid for a maximum of 20 hours per week (4 hours of picketing 5 days a week). Each member will receive $200/wk for maximum picket duty.

Q. What if I Picket for less than 20 hours?
A. Members can picket for a minimum of 4 hours a week. The pay for one shift of picketing is $40.

Q. How often do we get paid?
A. The strike pay week is from Monday to Friday. Pay for picketing in a given week will be ready for pick-up on the following Friday.

Q. How do I get my cheques?
A. Cheques will be delivered to your picket line on the following Friday of your pay week at each shift. Cheques left over will be delivered on the Monday and Tuesday following that Friday. After that, cheques will be available at the strike head quarters.
For those who are on alternate duties, cheques can be picked up at the strike head quarters located just east of the York campus at: 635 Petrolia Rd, Toronto On, M3J 2X8

Q. What if I can’t come to the office to pick up my cheque?
A. Under serious circumstances where members will not be able to pick up cheque(s) in person we will mail them out. Please email your address/contact details to: moc.liamg|3093yapekirtS#moc.liamg|3093yapekirtS

Q. Does Strike pay work the same for members who are doing alternate duties?
A. Yes, all of the pay details above are the same.

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