Welcome to NW Gate 08

Recent updates

  • (Nov. 19) GMM is Thursday at 2:30, at the Meron Banquet Hall, 1600 Steeles. (link)
  • (Nov. 17) Page created that quotes York Administration's reasons not to enter into binding arbitration with YUFA during 1997 work negotiations.
  • (Nov. 15) The GMM has been rescheduled to go from 1-6pm. As such I've cancelled the NW gate meeting that was planned to be subsequent the GMM. People can still meet, but it will have to be ad hoc.
  • (Nov. 14) There IS a GMM on Saturday from 1-4pm at the Earth Science Auditorium (ES 1050) at the University of Toronto. Added information about upcoming GMM: Union Meetings.
  • (Nov. 14) Plans have been finalized to meet this Saturday (Nov. 15), after the GMM. Details on the page.
  • (Nov. 13) Lost something? We've got a lost and found thread going.
  • (Nov 12) Information on strike pay.

What is this?

NW Gate 08 is a wiki that can be used for any number of functions during the CUPE 3903 job action. It's better than a blog, webpage or electronic listserv because anyone can easily add, edit or even delete content (but can also be put back—changes are saved, so it's mistake-proof).

Why have one of these for the strike?

Coming from three different academic units, we now share something in common beyond our job action: the North-West Gate. Assignment to a gate makes for (strange?) bedfellows and while we might have good inter-department communication, our intra-department communication is poor. This wiki is one way to change that.

This wiki is also at an arm's length from the University's information technology which means if we get "electronically" locked out of our York-centric email and list-serves, we have another place to collaborate.

What's a wiki?

Simply, a webpage that can be edited by any user. Wikipedia's definition

Why would I be interested?

This wiki can be used to elegantly organize pretty much anything we might need over the course of the strike. Key, is that anyone can edit a page.

Example, please

For example, car pooling can be organized in such a way that drivers can update their availability and pick-ups can sign themselves up for a ride. More powerful, is the fact that I can communicate this availability to all on the NW gate rather than just environmental studies students.

Obviously, car pooling is just one small example.


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