Information for MES Students


If you are an Research Assistant or a Teaching Assistant, you are a member of CUPE 3903, currently on strike. While CUPE 3903 is on strike, you will not be paid by the University and are not required to perform any of your job-related duties.

Bargaining Updates

For updates on bargaining, you can join the CUPE 3903 news listserv.

Contact information

The union has asked for non-york contact information. Please send contact info (including non-york email accounts and phone numbers) to: moc.liamg|qh3093#moc.liamg|qh3093 with the subject heading: contact info


You can earn up to $200 a week in honourary strike pay by walking the picket line. FES has been assigned to the Nortwest Gate. If you have not signed up yet to picket please follow the following instructions:

Visit: (password: strikestrike)

Edit the post with the picket schedule, add your name to the shifts you'll be covering and publish the post.

It is important for everyone to sign up for picket duty and come walk the picket line at least a few times a week. No matter what any of us think about the issues and the strike if we want the strike to end the best thing to do is get out and picket. I really believe that the more of us out there the shorter this strike will be- if the administration sees that we're organized they're more likely to bargain seriously. The alternative is that they sit back and wait for our morale to lessen. If this happens we are likely to be in a drawn-out strike which wins us little.

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